Get The Celebrity Look You've Been Dreaming of with CoolSculpting

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If you diet and exercise, but there are pockets of fat that just won’t go away, there’s a reason for that. There are places where your body dictates how much fat you will have, and no amount of exercise will change that. But you don’t have to accept those pesky pockets of fat as a sad fact of life. CoolSculpting®, provided at Primary Medical Associates of Long Island, PLLC in Plainview, New York, can banish up to 25% of unwanted body fat in a treatment area after just one visit.

When diet and exercise aren’t enough

Getting the body you want isn’t just a matter of following the right diet and exercise plan. Your genetics play a role, too.

By the time you complete puberty, your body will contain the total number of fat cells you’ll carry your entire life. And as you gain or lose weight, those existing fat cells will either grow or shrink, but their numbers will never change. Furthermore, your genes will decide which fat cells will be resistant to diet and exercise, meaning some fat cells will never get smaller.

With CoolSculpting, we can get rid of your unwanted fat permanently.

Fighting your fat with cold

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss program. It’s an innovative fat-busting system. This FDA-approved body contouring system delivers cold temperatures to unwanted fat cells, thereby destroying them. When subjected to a controlled temperature, your fat cells sustain damage and die. At this point, your immune system absorbs the cells and flushes them from your body permanently.

You can use CoolSculpting’s proven approach on many parts of your body, including:

We can also use CoolSculpting to treat several parts of your body at the same time.

CoolSculpting treatments are simple

CoolSculpting sessions are customized. To help you get the results you’ve been dreaming of, we tailor each session to your unique goals and body.

First, we select the ideal CoolSculpting applicator to treat your unwanted body fat and apply a protective gel pad to the treatment site. After securing your CoolSculpting applicator, you may feel a gentle suctioning sensation as it sucks your fatty area into the treatment chamber. At this point, the device will begin cooling your fat tissue.

CoolSculpting is well-tolerated and quite comfortable, though you may experience a mild tingling or numbing sensation in the treatment area. Sessions usually take between 35-60 minutes, and you can rest comfortably, read, or watch videos while the system works.

When your time’s up, we’ll remove the CoolSculpting applicator and gently massage the treatment area. This will help break up your frozen fat cells, so it will be easier for your immune system to absorb them and flush them from your body.

Your body will eliminate the fat

After your CoolSculpting session, you can resume your normal activities. In most cases, you should be able to start seeing results in about three weeks. And as your body breaks up and flushes more dead fat cells from your system, more changes will become obvious. You should see optimal results within 4-6 months after treatment.

Depending on your goals, we might recommend a series of CoolSculpting sessions. When you achieve the figure you’ve been dreaming of, you can maintain your results with diet and exercise.

Don’t give up on your dreams of having a sleek physique. Book an appointment online or over the phone with Primary Medical Associates of Long Island, PLLC today to see if CoolSculpting is right for you.

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