Top 10 Benefits of ClearLift™ You Didn't Know

The pursuit of younger-looking skin drives some people to extremes. While few will deny the confidence boost that effective cosmetic procedures provide, the chemical peels, aggressive dermabrasion, and face-lifts can be painful and leave you with weeks of recovery time.

There’s a revolution happening in nonsurgical, noninvasive aesthetic techniques that create the same controlled healing responses in the middle skin layers as more aggressive procedures do, but without harming your visible skin.

The ClearLift™ laser system is one of these light-based cosmetic face-lift systems that provide many of the benefits of traditional skin rejuvenation procedures but without the pain and downtime. Here are ten benefits that ClearLift offers over other anti-aging treatments.

It’s noninvasive

ClearLift’s laser works through your epidermis, targeting the middle dermis layer, where the collagen/elastin matrix resides, supporting your skin. This matrix loses volume as you get older, and while your body can renew and restore the matrix, providing you with fresher, younger-looking skin, it takes an intervention of controlled damage to kick-start the natural rejuvenation process.

No outer skin damage

Unlike chemical peels or dermabrasion, there’s no heavy exfoliation of the surface layer of your skin. ClearLift’s laser penetrates your outer skin to be absorbed into the dermis, raising collagen temperature about 10 degrees, just enough to trigger your body into replacing this critical support tissue. Old collagen is flushed naturally as new tissue grows in the weeks after your ClearLift treatment.

It’s painless

You’ll feel ClearLift working. There will be a warming sensation that some people find a bit uncomfortable, like too much sun after a day at the beach, but with no ultraviolet exposure to burn your skin. There’s certainly no pain as your skin recovers from extreme exfoliation.  

There’s no risk

Any time your skin’s surface is broken, there’s a risk of infection, which can extend your recovery time and cause scarring. Skin rejuvenation depends on the controlled regrowth of the collagen/elastin matrix, and complications to more aggressive skin treatments can interrupt this regrowth. ClearLift’s gentle through-the-skin action virtually eliminates the chance of complications.

Eliminates lines and wrinkles

Aging delivers a one-two punch to your skin, reducing elasticity and losing collagen volume. Between these two, your skin loses its ability to stay tight, and it starts to collapse into collagen voids. As ClearLift renews the matrix, new elastin restores skin tightness, while updated collagen provides better support, reducing or eliminating fine lines and passive wrinkles.

Clears acne scars

During severe acne outbreaks, your body can’t keep up with repair, and it’s your skin’s healing response that creates the bumps and pits associated with acne scars. ClearLift clears out this disrupted collagen matrix and replaces it with a smoother layer, lowering bumps and raising voids, returning your skin to a more even level.

Treats hyperpigmentation

The redness that accompanies acne scarring isn’t the only interruption to smooth skin tone. Spider veins, sun spots, and other pigment issues reside in the layers under the surface of your skin. The ClearLift laser breaks up these discolorations, permitting their removal via the lymphatic system. You’ll notice more even skin tone after treatment.

It’s naturally moisturizing

The dermis layer stores hyaluronic acid, a natural protein that attracts and stores body moisture. Just as collagen and elastin are renewed, so too is hyaluronic acid, so ClearLift helps by moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

Reduces enlarged pores

The collagen layer is often the culprit behind the appearance of large pores. ClearLift treatments minimize their appearance, leaving your skin with better texture overall, alongside its wrinkle and pigmentation improvements.

Zero downtime

ClearLift qualifies as a “lunch time” cosmetic procedure. You can stop by Primary Medical Associates of Long Island for a ClearLift session and return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment. There’s no time stuck at home waiting for your skin to heal since the healing is progressing painlessly under the surface of your skin.

Contact our office today, by phone or online, to learn more about ClearLift laser treatments, or to book a session with our medical aesthetic experts.

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