What to Expect When Undergoing Harmony Laser Treatment

When you make the decision to have a Harmony XL Pro treatment with the team at Primary Medical Associates of Long Island, your expectations depend completely on the treatment you choose. The Harmony XL Pro is a versatile light-based skin treatment solution that provides effective results for a wide range of skin flaws and conditions, incorporating a variety of technologies in a single device. You can customize your Harmony session to address the skin issues of the greatest priority to you, then receive a treatment optimized for these skin care targets.

How the Harmony XL Pro system works

Regardless of the skin condition you want to improve, the Harmony system starts a process called collagen induction. Your body has remarkable abilities to regenerate tissue, but typically these systems only respond to a major injury. For instance, if you have a light-colored raised scar from a cut, you’re already familiar with the way your body manufactures collagen to heal tissue around the cut.

That scar forms due to the severity of the cut, outside of the normal matrix form that collagen usually has from its middle-layer skin support role. The principle behind the technologies included with the Harmony XL Pro system is creating an even, controlled stimulation of your body’s regenerative system. Disrupting the existing matrix of collagen results in creation of new tissue across a treatment area.

The various types of energy used by the Harmony system leave your surface skin undamaged. The treatment source light is matched to both your skin type and the treatment target. For example, if you’re trying to reduce the appearance of sun spots, your aesthetic technician tunes the Harmony system in a different way than when you’re reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This tuning adjusts energy to reach maximum absorption into the tissue of your treatment target.

What to expect from a Harmony treatment

In consultation with your aesthetic professional at Primary Medical Associates of Long Island, you’ll choose your treatment goals. The Harmony system can improve the appearance of:

Laser and light-based skin treatments earned the name “lunchtime facials,” since the procedures are generally short, depending on the size of your treatment area, and there’s usually little visible effect from a Harmony system procedure. You’re not forced to take downtime to let your skin recover, since the collagen induction process takes place over weeks, as new tissue forms and old tissue is flushed naturally from your body.

Every person has a unique combination of skin type, aesthetic goal, and optimal treatment regimen. Contact Primary Medical Associates of Long Island to arrange a consultation to learn more about how the Harmony XL Pro system can help you achieve the complexion you’re after.

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