Why Men and Women Alike Are Choosing Harmony Laser Treatment

There are a huge variety of aesthetic laser systems on the market today, but they’re not all created equal. At Primary Medical Associates of Long Island, we rely on the power and versatility of the Harmony laser system to help men and women alike reach all of their aesthetic goals.

The Harmony XL Pro® is a noninvasive medical and aesthetic laser system. Its patented laser energy penetrates deep inside the layers of your skin to destroy skin cells and break up pigment. As your body flushes these destroyed cells and pigment fragments, healthy new tissue regenerates in their place.

Innovative technology sets the Harmony XL Pro apart

When it comes to both innovation and customization, nothing beats the Harmony XL Pro’s 20 built-in laser, light, and ultrasound technologies. Not only can our team precisely control the depth of your treatment, we can also tailor the laser’s energy to your specific skin type and condition.

The Harmony laser’s technological advancements include a specific applicator tip that makes it safer for treating dark skin tones and an additional 6.4-centimeter applicator head that enables your provider to treat large areas of your body in a fraction of the time. Plus, the Harmony XL Pro combines laser and vacuum technology to provide an even more powerful acne-fighting therapy.

Your treatment options are endless

Whether you’re addressing an aesthetic concern or a medical condition, the Harmony XL Pro is the most comprehensive laser system available. This advanced multi-platform technology is clinically proven to provide the best results and has more than 65 FDA-cleared uses.

The Harmony laser’s revolutionary technology offers a variety of treatment options for all body and skin types. In addition to skin resurfacing, men and women turn to the Harmony XL Pro laser system to treat:

The Harmony XL Pro system can even be used as a noninvasive solution to treat unsightly spider and varicose veins. As your Primary Medical Associates of Long Island provider presses the powerful handset against the treatment site, the Harmony laser targets the problem blood vessel and closes the veins, reducing the appearance of your veins or even eliminating them completely.

Our team can also combine Harmony XL Pro treatments to rejuvenate and clarify your skin, improve its tone and texture, and eliminate age-related imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. The laser can also remove unwanted tattoos.

Results you can rely on

Our team at Primary Medical Associates of Long Island will develop a personalized treatment approach based on your unique condition.

To treat conditions like nail fungus or to remove unwanted tattoos, you may need multiple sessions for maximum benefit. If you’re having skin resurfacing treatments to restore your skin’s youthful appearance, however, you can achieve optimal results after a single appointment.

Unlike some other laser systems or surgical procedures, the Harmony XL Pro provides effective treatment without pain or extended downtimes. All of the Harmony laser treatments are relatively comfortable, and these in-office procedures are quick and easy, offering fast, reliable results.

To find out how the Harmony laser can address your aesthetic or medical concerns, call Primary Medical Associates of Long Island or schedule an appointment online today.

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